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The WORST of Indy 2011!

The end of the world is coming in 2012…but for many of us, the end of the world came this year to Indy as we put together our WORST of Indy List! You didn’t actually believe we were so cruel we would list people on our list did you? Well…maybe a few, but even those few have allowed themselves into the spotlight for a moment, hopefully brief, of Kato Kaelin fame. So…here it is. Our picks for the Worst of Indy. While we’re sure many will get upset and angry, we know most will snicker to yourselves in the absolute truth within this list! Til next year…

10. Hamilton County’s Obsession with Roundabouts.
They won’t stop building them and no one knows how to drive on them. This isn’t Great Britain.

9. Downtown Safety at Bar Closing.
If you’ve been barricaded on South Meridian at 3:15 on a Saturday night…you know what we mean.

8. Parking Meters.
Do YOU understand the new meters? How much do we pay the surliest meter maids in the country?

7. Segregation of the Gay Community.
How can we expect people to vote in our favor when the gay community can’t even get along. Boo you whore. This isn’t high

6. Poor Attempt at a Unified Fashion Industry.Is this Paris is Burning revisited, a student show or a one-man operation? We liked some attempt to make Indianapolis a fashion haven but now it’s a complete mess with models and stylists galore. Honey…not everyone will actually be Rachel Zoe or Kate Moss.

5. Bike Lanes and Lane Changes on 62nd Street Driving into Broad Ripple.
Recipe for disaster. What idiot thought this accident waiting to happen endeavor?

4. Colts Players Annual Earnings compared to a White Castle Employee for a Losing Business.
If you came through White Castle and got chicken rings instead of cheeseburgers three times in a row you’d expect
someone to lose their job. HELLO!!!!

3. Republican Representative Phil Hinkle’s “Craig List” Suga Daddy Hook Up at The J.W. Marriott.
This was maybe our only attempt for Indiana to end up on Chelsea Lately. We’d like to thank the Craig’s List boy!

2. Passing of HJR-6 in 2011 Against Gay Marriage.
Shame on you.

1. Porn star Bree Olsen of Charlie Sheen fame gets attention as “Indiana Celebrity of the Year”.
How ridiculous that Erica Stikeleather and Brittany Mason have left Indiana and actually had major accomplishments in
the entertainment industry while porn “star” Bree Olsen from northern Indiana secures major fame for fucking Charlie
Sheen. What…a disgrace.

Be Unafraid. Be Fearless. Be Yourself. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


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Indy SEXY GOLD! The Sexy List 2011!



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Lady Gaga “I Have Nothing Else To Lose”…Marry The Night…The Official Video!

The New 13:51 Minute Video For Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night…Absolutely Incredible!

If Lady Gaga has taught us one thing, she has taught us to…

Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Unafraid…Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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Is Your Phone Bugged? Who’s Recording YOU!

On Monday, Trevor Eckhart posted a 17-minute video on YouTube leaking that a specific software, known as Carrier IQ, found on certain brands of smart phones, tracks text messages, phone calls…even searched websites and sends this information back to the mobile phone carrier. Check out the video below:

The scariest part of this real life 1984/Big Brother scheme isn’t even being asked…Why the need to collect this information and send it back to the phone carrier.

This is just the beginning. To find out more, read the article posted on The Huffington Post today.

Almost makes you miss landlines!


Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Unafraid…Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury.


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Do You Believe In Angels?…The Ultimate Victoria Secret Fashion Show Recap!

As most of the world knows…tonight was the premiere of the newest Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

We just wanted to recap the night and pick our favorite looks.


Be Yourself. Be Fearless. Be Unafraid. Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Best of SEXY 2011!

Who will make the boys of raannt SEXY List this year??? Hmmmm…We’ll be doing a celebrity and an Indy Local Best of Sexy List…and this year we have a little surprise for you!

Do you think you made it? Check back for updates as we spin it out slowly! Subscribe to our blog for up to the minute notifications!

And never forget our rules to being sexy…

Be Yourself. Be Fearless…Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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